E-cigarette Benefits in a Nutshell

E-cigarettes are used by millions of people in the United States. But even with its proliferation, the number of smokers still outnumbers the number of people who use E-cigs. As the saying goes, old habits die hard. I, for one, have always believed that E-cigarettes are much better than smoking, for a number of reasons. Therefore, I would like to spend a bit of time today talking about some of the benefits of using E-cigs as opposed to smoking.

1. On the whole, they cost less. How much e-cigarettes cost depends a lot on your setup. But it's a fact that if you stick to simple e-cigs, your savings can be huge, amounting to thousands of dollars of savings a year. Even if you use more complex setups, such as mods, you are likely to save a good deal of money unless you chain vape. So if you approach vaping from a purely monetary perspective, it ends up being a wise decision.

2. They allow for more customization. E-cigs offer customization on two levels. On the one hand, you can select from many different setups, such as battery size, different atomizers and tanks, etc. These consist of the hardware components of e-cigarettes. Then, there are also e-liquid flavors you can experiment with. Your vaping experience can vary quite a bit depending on what flavors you choose to vape. Like most people, I prefer to purchase multiple flavors at once, so I can switch them up every week or even every day for variety. Of course, with smoking, you can change the cigarette you smoke for some variety, but it doesn't come close to the different flavors you can try as a vaper.

3. The most cited benefit of e-cigs is that it's better for your health. Although this claim has some doubters, most health experts agree that vaping is better than smoking. The most obvious reason for this is that other than nicotine, you are not inhaling all the bad things that smokers inhale, such as carbon monoxide and smoke.

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