Gaming offline or online? That is the question


I've been playing games of all kinds for many years, and when speaking to people, there seems to be two opinions about games in general. On the one hand, I run into quite a bit of people who never game online, and insist that games played in the real world are a lot better for you. The reasons for this viewpoint can be varied. But on the whole, they revolve around the idea that playing video games is somehow unhealthy. To a certain extent, they have a point. Almost everyone will agree that playing soccer in the real world is healthier than playing such a game on a computer. But in other cases, you may be able to vicariously engage in an activity that would otherwise be impossible to engage in. Examples of this include racecar driving, games where you fly planes, etc. Such games allow you to engage in a fantasy world that can be quite healthy for you if done in moderation, because at the end of the day, everyone could use an escape every now and then. Thus, people who insist on playing only offline games may be missing out on the opportunity to have a lot of fun.

Then, there are also people on the opposite end, who believe online gaming is the only way to go. While it's true that playing video games takes less effort and for many people, can be a lot more fun, sitting around all day is not the best idea. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions and it doesn't help if your hobbies are sedentary as well. It's important, therefore, to make sure that you game in moderation. Two or three hours a day may be reasonable, but any more than that can be excessive. It helps to change games that you play often, as I have found that this reduces the chances of getting addicted to a certain game. One way to accomplish this is by joining Gamefly and switching the games you play on a regular basis. I've used Gamefly for years and have found it to be very useful. If you have not tried this service, you really need to sign up for the free trial offer -- I don't think you'll be sorry. Gamefly is essentially a game renting service, where you can rent games online. The games you rent are delivered to you using regular mail. It takes a few days, but you are allowed to switch the games as often as you like. Thus, it ends up being a great service for games who want to change the games they play frequently. In cases where you get addicted regardless of switching up games, there is help you can get. But hopefully, it won't get to this stage. It is useful if you have friends that are involved in activities that don't involve online gaming. That way, they may notice you are getting addicted to gaming and encourage you to join them in other activities. I've had times when I was getting addicted to a certain game, and spending a couple days away from the game helped me gain perspective.