What to consider before sinking money into ink

We all need ink, most notably for our printers. While ink for things like pens can be quite cheap, printer ink has always been on the high end of the price scale. Because of this unfortunate fact, may people over the years have explored ways to get ink more cheaply. Some things you should think about before sinking money into ink include the following.


1. Should you buy in bulk? Buying lots of ink at once can bring down the prices. But the problem is, if you buy too much ink, this strategy can backfire. For example if you buy a ton of ink and your printer dies, and you end up getting a different model the next time around, you will have lots of ink that you no longer need. Selling these cartridges online is one way to recoup some of your cost, but doing such things can be a pain.

2. Should you buy used, refilled cartridges? Commonly called remanufactured cartridges, these cartridges are essentially used cartridges that have had new ink injected into them. Do they work? A lot of that depends on how well the ink was injected into the cartridge. That's why, if you buy these types of cartridges, it's important to purchase them from professional ink outlets such as Ink Farm. One of the advantages of buying your ink online is that you can use Inkfarm coupon codes.

But let's not kid ourselves. While there are ways to get lower prices on ink, cutting too many corners will result in negative results. So proceed carefully if you want to use some of the tactics above to bring down your office costs.